To mark St. Patrick's Day, why not test your knowledge of Irish related trade marks and brands with our quiz below. 

Answers are at the end of the quiz, no peaking! 

1. What does the logo  mean? 

A. Green Label

B. Going Green

C. Green Army

D. Guaranteed Irish

2. What year was Guinness founded?

A. 1615

B. 1803

C. 1759

D. 1869

3. The Harp is a protected State emblem of Ireland?



4. is the mascot for what crisp company?

A. Walkers

B. King

C. Tayto

D. Pringles

5. What State emblem does the airline Aer Lingus use? 

A. Harp

B. Shamrock

C. Irish flag

D. Four leaf clover

6. What country has the most registered trade marks containing the word "Irish" on their register?* 

A. Japan

B. United States

C. Ireland

D. United Kingdom

(*from a search on TMView)

7. What is the most popular Nice Class for trade marks containing the word "Irish"?*

A. Class 33 (alcoholic beverages)

B. Class 32 (non-alcoholic beverages)

C. Class 43 (restaurants/bars)

D. Class 41 (entertainment)

(*from a search on TMView)

8. SHAMROCK SHAKE is a registered US trade mark of what fast food chain?

A. SuperMacs

B. Mc Donald's

C. Burger King


9. What company owns the trade mark registration for "IRISH SPRING" for soap: 

A. Colgate-Palmolive

B. Johnson & Johnson

C. Procter & Gabble

D. Unilever

10. The fashion retailer  was founded in Ireland? 



11. Jameson Irish Whiskey is made in what Irish city?

A. Dublin

B. Galway 

C. Cork

D. Limerick

12. Britvic's Club Rock Shandy drink is a mixture of what flavours?

A. Lemon and lime

B. Orange and lemon

C. Mixed Berry

D. Strawberry and peach 

13. The Kerrygold logo features what animal? 

A. Goat

B. Cow

C. Sheep

D. Buffalo

14. "Today's bread, today" is a slogan from which Irish bread company?

A. Brennan's Bread

B. Mc Cambridge's 

C. Pat the Baker

D. Irish Pride

15. Primark stores are called what in Ireland? 

A. Perfect

B. Pounds

C. Penneys

D. Pringles

16. is the logo of which Irish bank?

A. Bank of Ireland

B. Ulster Bank

C. Permanent tsb

D. Allied Irish Banks

17. And finally, non IP related, the Irish word for "cheers" is: 

A. Cáirde

B. Uisce

C. Fáilte

D. Sláinte

Answers: 1(D), 2 (C), 3 (True), 4(C), 5(B), 6(A), 7(A), 8(B), 9(A), 10(True), 11(C), 12(D), 13(B), 14(A), 15 (C), 16(C), 17(D)

Let us know how well you did or didn't do. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day and may the luck of the Irish be with you! Sláinte