2022 brought the release of a series of generative AI tools that have the potential to fundamentally change our economy. 2023 is likely to be a watershed year for mass interaction with AI. From searching for information to generating copy, AI could change the landscape forever.

The team at Lewis Silkin have been at the cutting edge in understanding the legal and regulatory issues arising from the recent explosive growth in the capabilities and use of generative AI. Our recent AI 101 series of articles have unravelled the legal issues involved in the development and use of AI text and image generation tools, addressing how the tools are trained; the ownership and authorship of AI outputs; whether AI tools might be infringing IP rights; the regulatory framework proposed for AI and the privacy considerations associated with their use.

On 22 March join JJ Shaw and Oliver Fairhurst, who will share their expertise on AI law and regulation when they host our ‘AI 101 Moving fast and breaking things?’ webinar.  The free webinar is aimed at organisations that need to get up to speed with AI and spot the opportunities and hazards on the horizon. The session will provide a detailed introduction to how these AI tools work and the legal and regulatory issues that arise.

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