I’m sure during lockdown you had numerous days of wondering how you were going to occupy yourself… If anything like my household, you might have turned to online shopping and considerably more streaming of film and TV content.

As online shopping dramatically increased during the pandemic, there has been an inevitable acceleration in organisations shifting to online commerce. We also saw similar increased consumption of entertainment content through subscription streaming services and an acceleration of content being released direct to consumers through such services. However, as an inevitable consequence of brand and content owners’ increasing reliance on the Internet as a means of communicating and conducting business, the prevalence of bad actors seeking to gain illegitimately from the same increase in online consumer demand has also rocketed. This is expected to grow further as strained household incomes and stressed legitimate supply chains fuel illicit activity.

Join our IP360 Webinar: Strategic approaches to online enforcement for help in building an effective online IP enforcement strategy that will reduce the negative impact of such infringement.

In this webinar Anna Caruso, Nick Bowie and I will outline the key drivers that may inform an effective online enforcement strategy and will address the importance of choosing the best strategy for your business.

If you have any questions that you would like me to cover, please do get in touch before Tuesday!